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Is Mushroom Coffee Good for You? Five of the Best Mushroom Coffee Benefits

Mushroom Coffee
Topics: Education
Published on August 28, 2023

Mushroom coffee benefits are real, even though the idea of mushroom coffee sounds like a trendy, Goop-y new health fad. But for everyone asking “Is mushroom coffee good for you?” Rest assured, the science says yes. 

As with any health claim, it’s smart to ask for evidence. Mushroom coffee benefits may vary depending on what type of fungi are used in your mushroom coffee, but the best mushroom coffees will likely include adaptogenic species like lion’s mane, chaga, cordyceps, reishi and turkey tail.

Here’s what we think are the best mushroom coffee benefits, backed by science—if you’ve got others, please add them in the comments!

1. Mushroom coffee boosts your energy. We drink coffee for energy to face the day—but you can get that boost from mushrooms too.

  • Cordyceps mushrooms boost energy by increasing production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that provides energy to cells. Cordyceps have long been popular with competitive athletes for improving endurance.
  • A 2017 study found that cordyceps improved participants’ tolerance for high-intensity exercise. Another controlled study found that cordyceps mushroom supplements substantially increased cardiovascular endurance substantially.
  • Our favorite cordyceps fun fact: When the Chinese Olympic women’s runners broke world records for the 500, 3000 and 10,000 meter races in the 1990s, they were accused of steroid use, but tested negative. Their coach credited cordyceps for their amazing performances.)
  • Reishi mushrooms are another species known for fueling energy. In a double-blind, placebo controlled study of more than 130 patients, reishi decreased their fatigue, reduced pain and improved mood and energy.
  • Chaga mushrooms have long been used to support physical and mental stamina. A 2020 study found that the chaga mushroom “not only has great potential to postpone physical fatigue but also shown potential to improve mental fatigue.”

2. Mushroom coffee benefits your brain. Lion’s mane mushrooms are frequently used in mushroom coffee because of their neuroprotective and cognition-enhancing properties. (Check out our deep dive on lion’s mane benefits, “What is Lion’s Mane Good For?”)

Some highlights:

  • Reishi mushrooms are also neuroprotective—studies show they reduce oxidative stress, which contributes to Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Another study found that chaga positively impacted “higher brain functions like learning and memory.”

    Who doesn’t want to start the day with a dose of higher brain function and neural protection?

    3. Mushroom coffee is nutritious af. Mushrooms are basically multivitamins that grow on trees—and drinking mushroom coffee makes it that much easier for your body to absorb vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Reishi mushrooms are rich in macronutrients and minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, B-complex vitamins, and amino acids.
  • Chaga mushrooms provide key essential nutrients as well: B-complex vitamins, copper, selenium, vitamin D, manganese, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium.
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms are rich in vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, as well as essential minerals like manganese, zinc, and potassium.

4. Mushroom coffee is anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. Chronic inflammation is bad for us. More than half of all deaths worldwide are attributed to chronic inflammatory diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, stroke and diabetes, which is why an anti-inflammatory diet is so important for health and longevity.

The anti-inflammatory properties of lion’s mane mushrooms are well-documented. Cordyceps, reishi, chaga and turkey tail mushrooms all contain specific compounds known to reduce inflammation. 

Antioxidants protect your cells against free radicals, unstable atoms that can damage cells, contribute to chronic illness and speed aging.

Lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, chaga and turkey tail mushrooms are all rich in polysaccharides, bioactive compounds that protect your cells against oxidative damage, which is why the Mayo Clinic recommends adding antioxidants to your diet

5. Mushroom coffee benefits your immune system. Lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, chaga and turkey tail mushrooms all contain compounds that have been shown to support our immune systems, which is why they’ve been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. 


  • This study showed polysaccharides from lion’s mane mushrooms increased the production of white blood cells and stimulated the immune response
  • This study found reishi mushrooms increase the activity of natural killer cells and T-cells, which play a key role in fighting infections and cancer
  • This study found that turkey tail mushrooms “bolster immune function” 
  • This study showed that the beta-glucans in chaga mushrooms act as an immunity enhancer
  • This study concluded that cordyceps is ”effective for enhancing cell-mediated immunity”

Mushroom coffee benefits are so profound they almost seem too good to be true—which is why we wanted to assemble the science behind the best mushroom coffee benefits for both daily energy and long-term preventative health. 

The next time someone asks “Is mushroom coffee good for you?” Say yes—or just send them this post. We feel confident saying there’s no other single beverage that includes this many health benefits in each serving. 

Ready to boost your energy, immunity, and endurance with a mushroom coffee that’s both nutritious and delicious? We’ve got you!

Mycroboost Organic Gourmet Mushroom Coffee provides a therapeutic dose of five powerhouse medicinal mushrooms (lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, chaga and turkey tail). Dried organic coffee and cocoa powder make ours the best-tasting mushroom coffee on the market! Click here to order yours 🍄☕🍄

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